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15 minutes in the air is all it can take to capture some impressive photographs from multiple angles around a property or development site. The versatility of our drone will give you low and high altitude images or video previously too difficult or expensive to achieve using traditional methods such as mast or helicopter photography. The result? Not just the perfect brochure shot, but the ability to show the landscape surrounding the area. For a development site this also gives the ability to survey the site from multiple angles and heights and in locations that may be inaccessible to alternative methods. Our pilots are highly trained and also experienced photographers, this ensures that the imagery captured exactly meets your requirements.

From still images to a promotional video, aerial views capturing your property or development are guaranteed to help sell, help survey or help to add a new perspective on marketing.

Following an on-site safety survey the UAV can be in the air within minutes -under the direction of the client – and more often than not, onto the next site within an hour. We can provide you with the highest quality RAW files or processed ready-to-use files. Take a look at ECP Video Ltd for our Video Production capabilities.

Typical drone usage

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