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A selection of courses we have flown, over the last couple of years


The West Berkshire Golf Course

The West Berkshire golf club, nestled in Chaddleworth near Newbury. A course we’d been waiting to film since the end of 2015, until the Spring had kicked off and given the greens and fairways a chance to look their best. A date was set to film and all we could do was cross our fingers for a fine day for flying the aerial flyovers of the holes, which as it later transpired we were lucky enough to get, even though it was out of character for the unseasonably bad start to the Spring/Summer of 2016!

We arrived at the course, nice and early to make the most of the beautiful and clear morning. We’d pre-arranged two buggies and to our delight they were ready and waiting for us when we arrived. The buggies allow us to transport our support equipment (including quite a heavy charger we use for on-the-fly battery charging; essential for seamless, uninterrupted flight) easily and efficiently. We generally fly the holes as a golfer would play a round, so 1-18 in order. We also find that on average we fly a hole in about the same amount of time it’d take your casual golfer to play it. This includes the 360° low shots of the green capturing the undulations and detail at a players eye height. We’re in the fortunate position though, of being in far more control of the drone than we would be of a golf ball, had we been playing a round!

The weather continued to play its part throughout the morning as we were filming, and the golf course being quiet enough for us not to disturb any play (nor vice versa!). All in all, the aerial flyovers looked great with the course in excellent condition, a credit to the grounds keepers at The West Berks GC. We were able to ingest the footage later the same day and over the course of the next few days edit the footage into flyover & 360° green shot videos for each of the 18 holes.